Kalmr Pet Spray 250ml

Kalmr Pet Spray 250ml

Kalmr Pet Shampoo 500ml x 4

Kalmr Pet Shampoo 500ml x 4

Kalmr Pet Shampoo 500ml


Designed to

  • clean your dog
  • shine their coat 
  • improve their vitality

Kalmr Pet dog shampoo has at its core element, magnesium. Magnesium is known to relax muscles nerves and tendons, increase oxygen flows and revitalise energy levels. It is an element that all animals require to function at an optimum level.

How does it work?

Absorbed through hair follicles and skin the magnesium will decrease anxiety and clear skin that needs to be rejuvenated.

How to use it?

Dog groomers who are using our product say that around 25-30ml is enough for a complete lather. Added is vitamin e cream and essential lavender oil, making this the perfect dog shampoo to help your favourite house member to feel good, look good and smell great.

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